Pediatric Dentists in Calgary

Your first choice among pediatric dentists in Calgary should be a competent and loving one. Children should feel good about visiting the dentist. Dentists for kids should help them learn how to maintain strong, healthy habits that promote a lifetime healthy, beautiful smiles.

If you want a kids dentist that can provide all of this and more for your young ones than you’ve come to the right place of search. The teeth begin to appear when a child is six or seven months old, and at two and a half years it should have all twenty temporary teeth. When the child reaches the age of six, the permanent teeth begin to appear. The teeth of small children should be cared for and kept clean.

Pediatric Dentistry is full-service dental care for children that provides all of the support and help to a child to reach his or her optimal level of perfect oral health. Kids dentists primarily focus on preventative dental health care amongst many other things. They are committed to providing the most efficient early detection and treatment of dental diseases so that your child can continue smiling, remain healthy, and steer clear from cavities and other dental issues. Dental problems range in their degree of seriousness and in children these could be hereditary. Regular brushing and flossing may not be enough to prevent serious cavities. Consult your dentist to correct the problem while your child is young.
Pediatric Dentists are specialized in pedodontics. These kids dentists are experts who typically treat the teeth of children up through adolescents. This specialty requires years of extra training after dental school.

After completing his Masters in Dental Sciences, the student moves forward for a University Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry or a University Certificate about Competence in Pedodontics. When the first year of this Certificate comes to end, he is awarded the Particular Professional Title of Generalist Dentist.

These kids dentists will often deal exclusively with children and are highly skilled in making children comfortable and performing cleaning check-ups and procedures with as little pain as possible. They also are very knowledgeable in preventing tooth decay and teaching young children good oral hygiene.

 The professional framework of pediatric dentists in Calgary

Nowadays, dentists prefer to work in private or collective offices but some also work in hospitals, polyclinics, medical houses. This is because, establishing a dental office is highly expensive, so, most of the practitioners combine their skills and energies at a commonplace in order to minimize the costs and heavy investments in equipment.

If there are regular schedules in a hospital environment, then schedules can be more flexible in an office with later consultations. As children are usually fresher in the morning and nervous and tired in the evening, so, most consultants prefer day time for children.

The pedodontists mostly work in collaboration with the general dentist, the stomatologist, the maxillofacial surgeon, the orthodontist, and the general practitioner.

  Dentists for kids suggest that children should see the dentist when they turn one year old. This will start a good, healthy relationship of a child with the dentist. Frequent visits make children more comfortable with dentists and the more they come to know that they are friendly.

The mission of the pediatric dentists is to offer any child or adolescent a healthy, beautiful, and functional mouth.

They are concerned with the prevention, early detection, and immediate management of oral diseases in children.

They monitor the formation of dentition, the condition of the gums and oral tissues, the growth of the maxillae and the mouth, in order to detect and treat any abnormality (implantation, alignment or occlusion defects,  asymmetry, malformation, etc.) likely to create difficulties in chewing, swallowing, breathing or pronunciation.

They also examine for possible cavities and detect any abnormal changes in the enamel structure and provide appropriate attention.

When there is accidental damage to the teeth or fall of teeth due to injury, they do a reconstruction of the baby teeth and place baby tooth crown as well.

They also very strongly recommend their patients, from an early age, good hygiene, and feeding habits so as to promote the formation and maintenance of healthy and aesthetic dentition.

To be able to bring up all this good work, they always struggle hard to establish, from the very first consultation, a relationship of love and trust with the child. This will reduce the fear of the dentist in a child’s mind to great extent and give him a positive non-traumatic experience when he comes into contact with the dental profession so that it can continue with this relationship throughout his adult life.

Usually, in the first consultation, the dentists try to reassure the child, explain to him what is going to happen, and take cognizance of his personality to assess his ability to adapt to any management or treatment offered.

Relational and pedagogical qualities will, therefore, be essential to the exercise of this profession.

Skills and actions

  • Possess theoretical knowledge in anatomy and physiology of the oral sphere
  • Acquire specific care techniques for baby teeth and immature teeth
  • Reassure the young patient, put him in confidence
  • Educate in oral hygiene
  • Early detection of anomalies, cavities
  • Apply the rules of hygiene, asepsis, and antisepsis
  • Apply the most suitable treatment plans
  • Take and interpret x-rays
  • Follow up and ensure continuity of care
  • Managing young patient stress
  • Continuous training

Kids dentists will implement and encourage the most useful and beneficial dental health habits for patients. Pediatric dentists in Calgary provide different services and treatments including the following.

Infant Oral Hygiene
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD)
Oral Hygiene
Early Dental Visits

From here, you can search a pediatric dentist in Calgary for your child.

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